Now Touring!

Superstar comedian Russell Brand returns to Australia for his 2nd full national tour in October!

"Yes. That's right. We are all individuals."

Crowd, Life Of Brian

We've been told freedom is the freedom to fulfill our petty desires but TREW freedom is freedom FROM our petty desires.

After a life of individualism and showing off, Hollywood, ruining broadcasting corporations & elections Russell Brand has decided the only way to change the world is to be part of the crowd.

Collectively, as a crowd, a horde, a mob we can change the world.

This show is a rabble-rousing stab at creating, through the power of the crowd, a Trew World Order.

This is the must see show of 2015. Don’t miss Russell Brand on his ‘Trew World Order’ tour this October. Hurry, he will sell out!

“It's quite an achievement to have created a show that manages to be crowd-pleasing and provocative at the same time” – The Guardian

Presented by Adrian Bohm in association with Phil McIntyre Entertainments

Sydney Opera House show is part of the Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival

May contain course language and adult themes.